by Lucía Parente Romero

We are a family that lives in a very little village in the North of Spain (Galiza). The zone where we live is very depressed and depopulated. But, in the other hand, our hives are surronded of wild forest and old chestnut trees. Nature takes part of our lives. We produces chestnut honey with a very special flavour that remerbers wood and wild flowers. The name of our brand (Aialma) means "soul" in old galician language. There are several ancient legends that talk about human souls that comes from the moon in form of bee and enter inside human bodies, when the person dies that soul returns (in form of bee) to the moon. Furthermore we add a mask in our honey container. This mask is a very old and tradicional mask (peliqueiro´s mask) of our village (Laza), where we have one of the most ancient carnival in the world. We hope you can taste and enjoy our honey as we do. For us, is a pleasure can show it to the rest of the world.