Apianthos – Thyme Honey

by Viosolea Viologiki Solea Ltd

Apianthos is produced in the geographical area of Troodos Mountain Range of Cyprus. We have nomadic hives that we move according following the different flower blossoms to provide our speciality honeys and we also have our resident bees, staying all year long in our unique Organic Botanical Bee park. We work with nature, our approach is synergetic and holistic. Our natural bee keeping methods has allowed us to create a symbiotic relationship with our bees and the biodiverse ecosystem that surrounds us. We have made sure to treat our bees with such care and respect that we do not require to harvest with smoke or use a protective suit to interact with them. Our system is completely inclusive, we do everything ourselves, from making our hives from raw wood, using our own wax, breeding our own queens, making our own organic pest control etc… From Flower to Jar, we are the world´s first traceable raw honey because we know how important it is for you to be certain about the origins and quality of your high quality honey.